Faze 3 Training Services

Faze 3 provides a complete array of training products and services that can be delivered directly to clients or in partnership with global education companies and training providers. Our subject matter experts provide a complete end-to-end service that can be white-labelled to your own branding and packaging.

From one day introductory courses to 12-week full time immersive bootcamps, we design and deliver courses and training programs to meet training gaps in your organisation and specific customer and market needs.

We enable our clients to use pre-defined and configurable processes, governance, and tooling, which supports successful and repeatable delivery outcomes. Furthermore, we know that every project is unique, and we tailor our service offering to match your exact requirements.

Our training service offering includes course design and content development, development of fully automated candidate pre-assessment solutions, and end to end project and operational delivery management.

Power-up your People with Faze 3

Our core subjects include:

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

  • Bespoke course design
  • 1-day to 12-week full-time, immersive bootcamps
  • Data Analysis and Visualization to Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Project Management

  • Beginner and advanced courses
  • CAPM, PMP, and PMI-ACP Certifications
  • Short courses for Executives

Information Technology

  • Operating System courses – Windows, Linux
  • CompTIA certifications in Security, Networking and more
  • Frontend Coding – C#, Javascript, and others

Digital Transformation

  • Introduction to Digital Transformation concepts
  • Cryptocurrency and Blockchain
  • IoT and emerging technologies
  • Cybersecurity


  • Beginner and Advanced courses
  • Certification for EC-Council, ISACA, and other recognized bodies
  • Short courses for Executives

Training Partnerships

We have a proven track record of delivering tailored solutions that address the unique challenges faced by educators today. We work in partnership with global education companies and training providers bringing our core subject and project management expertise to maximise their training offering to clients.

What we Provide

Sales and Bid Support

Contribute to the bid proposal with bespoke content outlines and cost estimates

Full Content Creation

Develop the complete set of course materials including teaching slides, instructor notes, assessment questions, lab work and projects

Operational Support

Whether it's participant engagement, on the ground logistical support, or client liaison Faze 3 are able to provide support staff with valuable experience of managing daily delivery to a high standard.

Training Delivery

Provision of individually vetted and approved independent instructors in a broad range of subjects from our extensive network, to deliver the highest quality of specialist training.

Automated Candidate Assessment and Selection

Provide our unique, bespoke SaaS automated candidate selection portal for registering, assessment, categorization and acceptance.

Comprehensive Performance Reporting

Develop and deliver a variety of regular and ad hoc reporting solutions.

Training Program Management

We will scope, plan and deliver all aspects of the training program – including governance, content creation, delivery logistics and performance reporting.

We offer a complete end-to-end service to our training partners that can be white-labelled to your own branding and packaging, allowing you to bring on our training expertise without investing significant time and resources in research, development, and production.

Becoming a Faze 3 training partner can offer numerous benefits and specific advantages:

Expertise Exchange

As a Faze 3 training partner, you can tap into our expertise, knowledge, and resources. This exchange can lead to mutual growth and innovation, and expand your training portfolio without the need to hire direct staff.

Skill Enhancement

Collaborating with Faze 3 can provide access to new training methods, technologies, or approaches that can enhance the quality and effectiveness of your training programs.

Expanded Reach

Partnering with Faze 3 can help you reach new audiences and markets that you might not have been able to access on your own.

Diversification of Offerings

A training partnership with Faze 3 can allow you to diversify your training offerings by incorporating new subjects, formats, or delivery methods.

Cost Sharing

Sharing resources and costs as a training partner can be economically advantageous. You might be able to access shared facilities, equipment, or technologies that would otherwise be costly to acquire individually.

Resource Sharing

Pooling resources such as trainers, content, technology, and facilities can result in a more efficient use of assets.

Geographical Expansion

If you operate in different regions or countries, Faze 3 can open doors to expansion into new geographical markets across the MENA region.

Innovation and Creativity

Working with Faze 3 as a training partner can encourage fresh perspectives and innovative thinking, leading to the development of new training methodologies and content.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Combining resources and expertise can lead to more efficient and effective training programs, benefiting both you and Faze 3.


Faze 3 brings unique strengths and capabilities that allow you to offer more customized and tailored solutions to your clients.

Collaborative Learning

Being a Faze 3 training partner can foster a culture of collaborative learning within your organization, as you exchange ideas and best practices.

Shared Risk

When entering new markets or trying out new training programs, sharing the risks with a partner can reduce the potential negative impact on your organization.