EPMO Transformation

The Transformation Vision

Our vision for Enterprise PMO transformation is rooted in establishing a robust, agile, and strategic entity, capable of steering projects with efficiency and innovation. The transformed EPMO will be a center of excellence, fostering best practices in project management, governance, and stakeholder engagement, tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities of the client’s industry sector and geographic region.

Strategic Alignment

Strategic Alignment: Aligning EPMO functions with organization’s overarching strategic goals, ensuring that all projects and initiatives drive the company towards its vision.

Capability Building

Enhancing the skillset of the workforce through targeted training and development programs, ensuring that internal capabilities meet the demands of an advanced EPMO.

Governance and Standards

Implementing a governance framework that upholds transparency, accountability, and compliance, infused with global best practices and standards such as PMI.

Technology Integration

Leveraging cutting-edge technology and data analytics tools to provide real-time insights, facilitate decision-making, and optimize project outcomes.

Process Optimization

Streamlining processes for enhanced efficiency, from project initiation to closure, incorporating agile methodologies when appropriate.

Stakeholder Engagement

Building a strong stakeholder management strategy that involves effective communication, collaboration, and partnership.

EPMO Transformation Roadmap

Faze 3 is a specialist (E)PMO and Project Management consultancy with a proven track record of establishing and accelerating the growth of high performing Enterprise or Divisional PMOs (Project/Portfolio Management Offices). Our 3-phase approach drives accurate analysis of each client’s specific requirements and situation, finds innovative ways to apply industry best practice and digital solutions, and then delivers significant performance improvements at a rapid pace.

CMMI Certification

Faze 3 has developed a unique approach that integrates CMMI maturity assessment and certification as a core element of our EPMO Transformation Roadmap.

Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) is a process and performance improvement training and appraisal program administered by the CMMI Institute. It provides organizations with a comprehensive framework for improving performance, ensuring that they can consistently produce high-quality products and services.

CMMI integrates several related disciplines (such as software engineering, systems engineering, and product development) into a unified improvement framework, making it applicable across various industries, including information technology, aerospace, finance, and healthcare.

The model is structured around several maturity levels or capability levels that reflect the degree to which an organization's processes are defined, managed, measured, controlled, and effective. Achieving higher levels of CMMI maturity indicates a greater maturity in process discipline and quality management, signalling to customers, partners, and regulators that the organization adheres to practices that enhance product quality and project predictability. CMMI helps organizations streamline their processes, improve efficiency, reduce risks, and ultimately, achieve better business results.

This integrated transformation approach ensures that our clients not only benefit from enhanced process efficiency and project delivery, but also strengthens competitive advantage by demonstrating a commitment to continuous improvement and operational excellence, making them even more attractive to prospective clients and partners.

Case Studies

Implementation of a Transformational PMO Function within a Global Company

Implementation of a Transformational PMO Function within a Global Company

Project Management of a New Data Science Education Program in Saudi Arabia

Project Management of a New Data Science Education Program in Saudi Arabia

Project Management of a New Government Graduate Program

Project Management of a New Government Graduate Program